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Often referred to as the golden spice of India, Saffron has numerous health benefits too. Saffron is a rare and precious spice
that has many advantages and is rarely found. That is extracted from the segments of a rare flowering plant know as Saffron
Crocus. It takes more than 500 of these flowers to extract about a gram of this quality spice.

With the exclusivity of our services you have the convenience and option of buying Saffron online. Study of medical science
suggests that Saffron can be used to treat cancer and depression, while other benefits include improving blood circulations and
digestion. As per the ancients Indian tradition a pregnant women is often advised to take saffron, which is believed to improve
the complexion of the child born.

Latest researches conducted and recent studies prove that saffron also has anti cancer effects and can be quite beneficial in treating conditions of triglycerides. Many physicians suggest saffron as a very effective and safe remedy to reduce cholesterol. There are many proofs regarding the use of saffron in ancient Indian history, for treatment of stomach aches and kidney related diseases. Apart from treating diseases, saffron plays a vital role in enhancing brain power and memory as well as it is quite popular for its antioxidant properties that keeps your skin glowing and young for a longer period of time.
Apart from these there are many proven benefits of saffron and some that are yet to be discovered, but it can be summarized from the above facts that it is nothing more than a precious wonder gifted to human kind from nature.
Medicinal Usage of Saffron : Saffron(Kesar) is used for
For curing respiratory problems
To treat alcoholism
To treat acne and skin diseases
Used in medicines that reduce inflamation
For treatment of enlarged liver and infection of urinary bladder and kidneys
As an ingredient in recipes for treating menstrual disorders
For strengthening the heart and as a refrigerant for the brain
As a diuretic
For treating diabetic patients
As an anti-depressant and relaxant
As aphrodisiac for impotency
Prolonging vitality
Saffron perfume is pungent, cures phlegm and throat ailments and stops vomiting. It stops shooting pain. Saffron gives a healthy glow and brightness to the body. Diseases such as leprosy, head ailments, insect bites are all cured by saffron which also unifies the three body humours. Bile, phlegm and poisonous bites can all be cured by saffron.

We provide quality Saffron herb from Kashmir that has been hand packed and monitored for exclusive quality. Saffron has
the ability to turn any normal food dish into an exotic one. However, it depends a lot on its usage also. Apart from this, it is also
used for the treatment of Asthma and is referred during the painful menstrual period to many patients. For more information on
Saffron benefits visit our website :

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Benefits Of Saffron

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This article was published on 2010/12/28